Our Services

Strategic Communications

Pinnacle Public Affairs are a team of expert communicators with a strong track record in delivering results within the Political and Public Affairs environment.

We have extensive knowledge of how the dynamic between the media and political spheres operate, and considerable experience in developing and executing strategic campaigns that deliver successful outcomes on behalf of our clients. 

The influence of Irish media on the political landscape cannot be overemphasised, they are a key player in driving the political agenda and ultimately influencing political priorities and outcomes.

We have excellent relationships with local, national and international media, built up over many years from working both inside the political arena and externally, on behalf of clients.

Political Engagement

Pinnacle Public Affairs has an unparalleled understanding of the political decision-making and legislative process in Ireland – and importantly when to interact with the political system in terms of policy or legislative reform. 

We continue to build our network of connections with government, politicians, state agencies and institutions at local, national and European level and we know how best to interact with policy makers and legislators to ensure we deliver successfully on behalf of our clients. 

Coalition Building

Issues and policy objectives often align differently between industry, sectors and organisations.

We build these alliances however tightly or loosely as required in order to achieve the objectives and outcomes our client’s desire.

Strategic Counsel

Our values are Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty that is why our clients will receive a service that they can trust, and that delivers for them. 

Pinnacle Public Affairs consultants have expertise in public affairs in the areas of housing, planning, development and infrastructure; public relations, communications, media, legislation and policy development and implementation. 

We specialise in working with our clients to understand what their objectives are, and by providing informed counsel as to how these objectives can be achieved, preparing bespoke campaigns and plans to successfully achieve them.

Risk Monitoring and Analysis

Being able to identify opportunities and threats before they come to fruition is a vital part of Pinnacle Public Affairs’ services. 

With the seasoned experience of our Directors, we are able to form strategic recommendations and advice to avoid potential threats and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.