About us

Pinnacle Public Affairs is a Dublin-based consultancy firm combining over 30 years’ experience in public affairs, public policy development and implementation, and strategic communications.

Based in Ireland, Pinnacle Public Affairs has an extensive network at local and national levels of Government in Ireland and at EU level.

Founded by Paudie Coffey and Paul Fox, the company aims to deliver on our client’s goals: understanding their objectives; developing tailored solutions; and targeting the appropriate audiences for maximum success.

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Our Senior Team

Paudie Coffey


Paudie Coffey is a former Minister of State, TD, Senator and Councillor with over 20 years experience as an elected representative, policy maker and legislator.

Paudie has an in-depth knowledge of how government works at both Local and National Level and a deep understanding of the policy and legislative formation process.

Paul Fox


Paul Fox is a Public Affairs and Strategic Communications expert with over a decade of professional experience. 

Paul has studied and is professionally qualified in Political and Media Communications.He has worked in the political environment over the past 10 years where he has gained extensive experience in dealing with policy and legislation at Local, National and International Level.